We’re always a little nervous and excited each time we have to go to a check-up at the Kennedy Centre, Denmark’s national eye clinic. Alma chatters merrily away about the ‘bear’ in one of the measuring devices she has to look in and use with a positive attitude. The day before we get out the symbols from the vision chart and go through them, so we’re sure that she knows the name of all of them.

Alma is super-ready for what, for her, is the most natural thing in the world. “What will we do now” she repeats each time she has a light shone in her eyes, has looked at the vision chart or into a device. She clearly knows the procedure and spices up the check-up with her funny, clever comments and a pointing finger that makes everyone smile.

Two steps forward and one back
The last couple of years it has been a real pleasure to go to these check-ups, as time and time again she has positively surprised us in terms of her visual development. This time, however, we received something of a setback instead. Her poor eye was measured as having 50% vision… When she had to look at the vision chart there was a single fluctuation that indicated a visual percentage of 66%. It was all boding extremely well… Until now…

We were well aware that there was a risk that training her poor eye could be at the expense of her healthy eye, because we risked the healthy eye not being adequately stimulated while it was covered by an eye plaster. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with Alma. As we had been to the emergency check-up just 6 weeks ago, where everything appeared to be fine, we were not completely prepared for today’s news. Her healthy eye, which she should have 100% vision out of, was measured as only having 66% vision… UGH! ?

We’re easing off on the vision training so that Alma has more time to use both eyes together. We’re going to an additional check-up in 3-4 months to see whether the change in the visual training improves the sight in her healthy eye.

She is still only 3, so we’re optimistic in regard to being able to strengthen her healthy eye – whether this will be at the expense of some of the sight in her poor eye, only time will tell.

We left the clinic with a new prescription for new glasses, which I have to say are much needed. Life as a pair of glasses sitting atop the nose of a 2-year-old has been hard. ?