Armed with a prescription with information about the new glasses, we headed into Copenhagen to find a new pair of glasses for Alma, precisely as we had one year ago. This time, we visited an opticians called ‘Brillebutikken’ on Teglgårdsgade in the centre of Copenhagen.

We visited the store shortly after it opened one Saturday. We were met by one of its employees, who gets extra bonus points from us for meeting Alma at her own level. This boded well for our visit. One part of the store is aimed at children, so there is a small table and chairs, where they can draw and read books while they wait. We were quickly guided towards the various options for ‘styles’ and colours. The competent employee knew precisely what size and shape we needed, in addition to the bifocal lenses. Within 15 minutes, we had made our decision.

We didn’t replace her sunglasses this time. We will reuse the frame that we bought one year ago and only replace the lenses. As we were leaving Alma got to pick a teddy out of a basket, in real ‘visit-to-the-doctors’ style. She was proud to show this to her brothers when we got home. I would not hesitate to visit the store again to order new glasses for Alma. According to their website, they have over 350 pairs of children’s glasses. And in our case, there was 10 days’ delivery time.

Andreas, my husband, was a little surprised by how quick it was for us to find some glasses and make a decision. He must have prepared himself for the worst, based on previous experiences. ? But this gave us extra time afterwards to visit a nice little playground on the way home. ?