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The eye patch from Kay Fun Patch is suitable for all types of glasses.

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The eye patch from Kay Fun Patch is suitable for all types of glasses and can be placed around the child’s glasses if they need to train one of their eyes. It can be used as an alternative to eye plasters or as a supplement if there is a desire to spare the skin for a period.

The patch is made from soft, padded and breathable fabric that makes it comfortable to wear. It is CE-marked and safe to use next to the skin. It can be hand-washed and then air-dried.

The eye patch consists of an oval piece of fabric that sits on the inside of the glasses. The eye patch is secured to the glasses by leading the arms of the glasses through the two holes and then pushing the nose piece through the third hole. If the glasses don’t have a nose piece, you can use elastic to hold the patch in place.

Eye patches from Kay Fun Patch have a symmetrical shape, which means they can be used for covering both the right and left eye. Individual designs have a design that means you need to choose which eye the patch should cover when you order.

Fabric eye patches from Kay Fun Patch are available in four sizes, so they can be used on both babies and children as well as adults. The dimensions of the eye patch for children are 11.8 cm long and 6 cm along its widest side. The length of the eye patches covers both the width of the glasses as well as part of the arm piece of the glasses, as the eye patch is designed to protect against direct sunlight.

Made in the UK.

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