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Eye patch for adults who do not use glasses.

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Eye patch for adults who do not use glasses. It can be used as an alternative to eye plasters or as a supplement if there is a desire to spare the skin for a period.

The patch is shaped to include a small gap for the eye/eyelashes, in order to ensure optimal comfort. It is CE-marked and safe to use next to the skin. It can be hand-washed and then air dried.

The eye patch is kept in place with the help of a 7-mm-wide, latex-free elastic cord. The elastic is 40 cm long and can easily be stretched to double that length.

The eye patch can be used for covering both the right and left eye.

The eye patches have a black cotton lining that blocks out most light, but total occlusion (blocking of light) cannot be guaranteed.

Choose between two sizes:
Small – 70 mm x 54 mm (W x H)
Regular – 77 mm x 67 mm (W x H)

The product should only be used in consultation with an ophthalmologist or orthoptist.

Produced in the UK by Kay Pictures.

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Weight 20 g