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Glasses Charms

Make it fun to wear glasses! Colourful and exciting charms for your glasses.Glasses charms blinx

Glasses charms consist of small figures made of soft silicone rubber, which can be attached to the legs of your glasses as an accessory. We offer a wide range of stylish and colourful designs, so there is something for all tastes and occasions.

Motivate your child to wear glasses using these wonderfully stylish glasses charms. The large selection means there is something for everyone when it comes to decorating glasses. They can also be used to reward a child, after having done well with their vision therapy. The many different designs mean you can vary your choice of designs each day, dependent upon your mood, interests, plans etc.

They can be attached to both adults’ glasses and children’s glasses. Nevertheless, the width of the legs of the glasses should be max. 8 mm if you are to achieve the best fit. If your glasses are wider than 8 mm, then you can use the elastic band that is included with the product to attach the charm to your glasses. If the legs of your glasses are very thin, then the product run the risk of spinning around.