Skin irritation can occur when using adhesive eye patches. It is particularly experienced in the start-up phase, when the skin has to get used to the eye patch, as well as in situations where the child peels the patch off repeatedly, meaning a new one has to be applied.

Tips to deal with skin irritation caused by adhesive eye patches

We have put together a list of tips on how to deal with skin irritation when undergoing vision therapy treatment using adhesive eye patches.
Remove some of the stickiness
The adhesive eye patch can be made less sticky, so that it does not adhere quite as well to the skin. This can be done by first sticking it onto your arm/trousers etc., before putting it on the baby’s skin. As a result, the eye patch will not stick as well to the skin, which makes it easier to remove.
Barn med hudirritation pga. af øjenplaster.
Cut the adhesive eye patch
If you experience redness, it will likely be in an area where the adhesive has been in contact with the skin. Another option is to cut around the eye patch, thereby removing some of the surface area of the adhesive part. Cut the patch where it would normally be applied to the red area of skin. In doing so, you can give the irritated area a rest.

Larger size
If you have a younger child who uses the smallest-sized eye patch, you can choose to move up to the largest sizes for a period of time. The skin closest to the eye is more sensitive than the skin around the cheeks, and by moving up a size or two, you will be able to relieve the red area and let the slightly less sensitive skin cope with the stickiness.

The pharmacy recommended that we use Panthenol ointment, which is suitable for the care of irritated skin. This one, or any similar cream, may be used on the skin when the eye patch is not being used. Check with your pharmacist.

Give it time
At the beginning, our daughter turned red from using adhesive eye patches, regardless of which brand we tried (we tried four different ones). After a few weeks, the skin had got used to it, and now we very rarely have problems with skin irritation, even though she wears an eye patch for about five-and-a-half hours a day. So don’t give up, if you are dealing with the challenges of skin irritation – be patient and try different brands if necessary.

Motivation can be crucial for a successful course of vision therapy – especially in periods of frustration e.g., due to irritated skin. Then an increased focus on motivation can be greatly beneficial.

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