Eye patches for adults

High quality eye patches – with elastic and for glasses

Are you tired of eye patches that are ill-fitting and made from non-breathable materials? On this page you can find a wide selection of high quality eye patches. We have eye patches with elastic for adults who do not wear glasses, as well as ones that stick onto the inside of your glasses.

They have been developed by an orthoptist who kept in mind the importance of patches fitting comfortably, being breathable, and of high quality. For example, the inner layer is black and made of 100% wool. This blocks the light out and ensures a great level of comfort, since the material either absorbs moisture or directs it away from the eye.

Eye patches are typically used in connection with treatment of eye diseases, visual correction, or double vision.

Are you looking for eye patches for children? Please have a look at our selection of fabric eye patches and adhesive eye patches.


These eye patches are generally designed for adults. As an alternative, take a look at our selection of ‘Fabric eye patches for children’.

The eye patch with elastic features a built-in chamber to increase the level of comfort. As a result, it is not designed to be worn on the outside of the glasses. For that purpose, we would recommend our eye patches that are designed to be attached to glasses. View: ‘Eye patches for adults with glasses’.

We have eye patches for adults – both suitable for glasses and without. If you wear glasses, then ‘Eye patches for glasses’ are suitable. If you do not wear glasses, then take a look at our range of ‘Eye patches with elastic’.

See our ‘Size guide’ if you want to learn more about which size will fit you.

The eye patch with elastic is placed around the head using the elastic band, and the eye patch is placed up to the eye, so it is completely covered. The fabric eye patches for glasses can be attached to the glasses. Take a look at our ‘Guide for eye patches’ for instructions.