A large selection of fabric eye patches for children

Skin-friendly eye patches for glasses and with elastic

Here you can find our large selection of fabric eye patches, which are suitable for vision therapy treatment. The patches from Kay Fun Patch have been developed by an orthoptist who specializes in children’s vision development. They are of a high quality. We have both eye patches with elastic and eye patches to attach onto glasses. Our wide range of designs means we have an eye patch to suit all tastes. Which designs do you think your child would like?

Click onto our website to see our selection of eye patches for glasses (for kids with glasses) or eye patches with elastic (for kids without glasses).

If you are looking for eye patches for adults, you can see our range of products under the category ‘Fabric eye patches for adults’.


See our selection of fabric eye patches for adults. We have both for glasses and with elastic.

See eye patches for adults