Shopping for children’s glasses can be an expensive assignment. But in some countries there are a number of options to help make the task a little less costly, and even to get FREE glasses. Below we intent to compile a number of relevant options for subsidies that can be applied for.

Would you like to share your knowledge concerning relevant offeres in your countires for others to benefit from? Then send us an e-mail with information on subsidies or free glasses for children in your country. Than we will create an overview for others to benefit from. 🙂

Vision4Kids cannot be held responsible for the extent to which the information below is up to date, as these are changed on an on-going basis. The purpose of the page is to draw attention to a number of helpful options, which you are then free to look into more closely.

Lille pige med sut og børnebriller, der smiler.

Glasses subscription

Although it is not a form of subsidy or free, some opticians also offer glasses subscriptions, which involve you paying a fixed amount per month, so you simply rent the glasses, or are guaranteed a certain number of pairs of glasses per year in case the glasses get damaged. In some cases, this option is interesting for children who are very active and may have a tendency to damage their glasses on a regular basis. Ask your optician about the options.

NOTE: Ask your optician what will happen if the child’s visual development suddenly causes their visual acuity to increase to a level at the limit for being eligible for subsidies from the public sector. Also ask whether it is possible to combine the two or not. We have heard of people who have had glasses subscriptions and who have been suddenly no longer able to benefit from public subsidies, because they were locked into a fixed glasses subscription scheme.

Vision4Kids has no vested interest in the offers on this page and cannot be held responsible for changes.