How to use an adhesive eye patch

Eye patches may only be used after having consulted an eye doctor/orthoptist, since otherwise there is the risk of adversely affecting vision. Only use the eye patch for the number of hours stipulated by the eye doctor/orthoptist.

Applying adhesive eye patches

Make sure that the skin is clean and dry around the eye before applying the patch. The skin must not be wet or greasy.

The protective paper on the back of the patch should be removed. Then close both eyes and relax the face. The patch is applied to the eye that is not undergoing vision therapy treatment. The narrow end of the eye patch should face the nose, as illustrated in the picture. For maximum comfort, the patch should cover the eyebrow.

Removing adhesive eye patches

Vejledning til øjenplastre

When removing the patch, carefully loosen it at the end closest to the bridge of the nose. Then loosen the patch along the edge, whilst using one finger to keep it close against the skin. This method should help to achieve a removal as gentle as possible.

Tip: If the eye patch sticks too well to the child’s skin, you can stick the eye patch onto your trousers or arm once before applying it to the baby’s skin. This makes the patch slightly less sticky before use, which can make it easier to remove it later.

Skin irritation

Stop using the product if skin irritation occurs and contact an eye doctor/orthoptist for alternative coverage treatment options – e.g., a fabric eye patch.

In addition, we have put together a list of tips for preventing skin irritation. View the page: ’Skin irritation’.

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