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Motivational products for children

When vision therapy or learning to wear glasses need a helping hand

Motivational products can support a child’s vision therapy treatment. It is common for some children to find it particularly challenging to adjust to having to regularly wear an eye patch or glasses, and this can make it more difficult for the parents to ensure the child completes their vision therapy treatment. This can be due to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and embarrassment about what people they do not know may think.

Therefore, it can be beneficial to think about motivation before your child starts wearing glasses or begins a course of vision therapy. That way, the experience will be more fun and exciting from the start. On this page you can find a number of products that are designed as rewards for children. A good way to do this is to agree with your child that they will get a reward, if they work to make sure their vision therapy treatment is a success. For example, the rewards could be money, an ice-cream, or a trip to the swimming pool.

A selection of our other products can also be used to motivate your children. For example, see our ‘Glasses charms’ or ‘Glasses holders’.