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Adhesive eye patches – Europe’s largest selection

Skin-friendly adhesive eye patches for treating vision impairments, such as lazy eye, in children. category adhesive eye patch

On this page, we have gathered a great selection of adhesive eye patches. We have done this because we understand the importance of being able to find one that your child likes. This can encourage your child to wear the eye patch, and, as a result, will help them to achieve the best possible result by the end of the treatment plan.

Adhesive eye patches are the ideal way to cover an eye when your eyesight needs to be trained. It is crucial to ensure that all outside light is blocked and cannot reach the patched eye. An adhesive eye patch sits tightly on the skin around the eye socket.

Are you in need of a few suggestions for how to motivate your child to wear an adhesive eye patch? Take a look at the category ‘Motivational products’ and let yourself be inspired.