A child’s visit to the eye doctor

Do you suspect that your child may see poorly? And have you arranged an appointment, so your child can be checked by an eye doctor?

When children have to visit the eye doctor

After having decided which eye doctor you want to visit, and made an appointment for your child, it can be well worth spending time preparing for the appointment. Below, we have put together a list of relevant subjects that may help you prepare to speak with the eye doctor, as well as help you to understand some of the technical terms you will need to know.

Useful questions for the eye doctor

Be prepared for the meeting with the eye doctor/orthoptist.

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What happens when visiting the eye doctor?
Understand the glasses prescription receipt
Does my child need glasses?
Understand the eye chart
Meet children with glasses

The difference between visual strength and visual acuity

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Are you unsure whether your child should be seen to by an eye doctor?

If can be difficult to ascertain whether your child has poor eyesight, since they are adept at compensating by using other senses. Moreover, often the child is not aware of their vision impairment. Thus, it is vital that parents are aware of the signs that may indicate a child has poor vision. You can read more about the signs on the page: ‘Does my child need glasses?

We advise that you contact your GP or an eye doctor if you suspect that your child may see poorly. Taking your child to the eye doctor may help to put you at ease in relation to what you may have originally suspected. The eye doctor will be able to help confirm or deny suspicions you may have had.

Vision development in children

We have put together relevant information about the development of children’s vision in our section ‘Vision development’. You can read about how important it is to react to the signs of vision impairment early on in the process, as well as a number of different eye disorders children can suffer from. Moreover, you can read about our experience using alternative treatment and health supplements to help support our child’s vision therapy.