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Eye patches with elastic for children

For children who do NOT wear glasses and are in need of vision therapy. Dreng med øjenklap med eleastik.

On this page you can find a range of eye patches with elastic for children. They are designed for children who do NOT wear glasses. They also feature an interior chamber for the eye/eyelashes in order to provide comfort.

It is important to know that eye patches with elastic often are the least preferred eye covering option for children’s vision therapy. Read why on the page ‘Choosing an eye patch’ and consult your eye doctor/orthoptist before using this type of eye patch.

Adhesive eye patches are typically the preferred option for vision therapy, since they fit tightly around the eye socket, thus making it difficult for the child to peek. See our large selection of adhesive eye patches under the category ‘Adhesive eye patches’.


The eye patch should only be used after consulting your eye doctor or orthoptist in relation to starting a course of vision therapy to treat a disorder, such as amblyopia, in children.

Hold the eye patch up to the eye that is to be covered and put the elastic band around the head. Ensure that the patch is sitting tightly around the eye socket, and adjust the position to ensure that the child cannot peek.

It can be worn as an alternative to adhesive eye patches or in addition to, if your child’s skin needs to rest every now and again. An eye patch with elastic is NOT an ideal method for covering the eye when undergoing vision therapy treatment. This is because the patch can easily be moved aside by the child, thus making cheating easier.

Adhesive eye patches are the most effective method, though fabric eye patches with elastic are the best alternative option for some people, e.g., if a child refuses to use the adhesive eye patches. View our selection of ‘Adhesive eye patches’.

The product is of high quality. The eye patches were developed by an orthoptist in England, who specialises in vision therapy amongst children. Read more about the beneficial properties of the materials on the product pages, which deal with the question of which materials the eye patch is made from.

The eye patch is shaped featuring an internal built-in chamber for the eye to ensure the best level of comfort. This makes extra room for eyelashes. It can be used for either the left or the right eye dependent upon the individual needs.

The eye patches with elastic from Kay Fun Patch measure 7 cm x 5.5 cm (W x H). In the chamber, there is approximately 2 cm from the tip to the eye. The elastic is 35 cm long, and since it can extend to over double its length, it fits all heads.

The size is suitable for children 3+ years.

View our 'Size guide' if you want to compare with our other eye patches.

The eye patch is made using Oeko-Tex® fabric, which is certified, soft, and hypoallergenic. The layers that the eye patch is constructed from are breathable and comfortable on the skin. The inner black layer is made of 100% cotton. This ensures that it is comfortable against the skin and either absorbs or directs moisture away.

It can be hand washed using a mild detergent and cool water, with subsequent air-drying to ensure the shape and appearance are maintained.

The eye patches have a sustainable characteristic, as they can be reused for many months.

The material is made, dyed, and cut using environmentally-friendly methods and dyes.

The glitter designs are made using polyurethane, which can be recycled.

The packaging is a box made from RPET (recycled-polyethylene-terephthalate), which has a low CO2 footprint. The box can either be reused or used to store the eye patch when it is not being used.

The eye patches are safe to use. However, we recommend that young children be supervised by an adult when using the patch.

There may be a risk of the patch being pulled down, so that it may hang around the neck. As the elastic is flexible and can be extended to double its size, it does not pose any immediate danger. But as with, for example, headbands, necklaces, and other headwear, there is always a potential choking hazard if the eye patch were to get stuck around the neck of a child and get caught on something else.

Yes, the eye patch can be hand washed. The manufacturer recommends that it is washed using a mild detergent and cool water, after which it should be air-dried to maintain its shape and appearance.

As a general rule, eye patches designed for children can also be used by adults. The difference in dimensions is described below.

Eye patches with elastic for adults are available in two sizes:

Small: 7.0 cm x 5.4 cm (W x H)
Regular: 7.7 cm x 6.7 cm (W x H)

Size of eye patch with elastic for children:
7 cm x 5.5 cm (W x H)

The size of the eye patch for children and the small-sized eye patch for adults is the same. The difference is that the elastic on the eye patch for children is 35 cm long and for adults it is 40 cm. But the elastic is stretchy. So, an adult can easily use the eye patch designed for children. It will just sit a little tighter.

View our selection of adult eye patches in the category: ’Eye patches for adults’.

The eye patches with elastic can be used for both the right and left eye, dependent upon the course of treatment and which eye needs to be covered.

No. This type of eye patch is not suitable for babies. They are approved for use by children aged 3+ years.


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