Buying New Glasses for Children

Barn der vælger børnebriller hos optiker.

Equipped with a receipt with information about a new pair of glasses for Alma, we set off into Copenhagen to find a new pair, precisely as we had done a year before. We took a leisurely walk through Ørested Park, which led almost directly to the Glasses Shop on Teglgårdsgade in the centre of Copenhagen.

Visiting the optician

We visited the stop shortly after it opened on a Saturday. An employee met us as we entered. The employee gets extra points for welcoming Alma down at child level! This was a great start to the visit. Part of the shop is targeted specially at children, so there is a small table and chair set where children can draw and read books whilst waiting. We quickly managed to work out the style and colour she wanted. The employee was highly competent and knew exactly how to find the right size and fit and with bifocal lenses. Within 15 minutes, we had made our decision.
We are not going to replace the sunglasses this time. We are going to reuse the frame that we bought a year ago and just change the lenses. When we left through the door, 

Alma chose a small teddy bear from a basket in her typical ‘visit to the doctor’ style. She was proud to show off to her brothers when we got home. I will certainly not hesitate to return to the shop again in the future when we need new glasses for Alma. According to their website, they have over 350 pairs of children’s glasses. And in our case, delivery takes 10 days.

Andreas, my husband, was rather surprised about how quick we had been at finding glasses for Alma and making the order – he had probably been preparing himself for the worst, based on previous experiences. 😀 This meant we had extra time to take a trip past the playground in the northern part of Ørsted Park on the way home, which suited us perfectly. 🙂

Glad pige, der prøver børnebriller hos optiker.

Valg af briller til børn

Søger du informationer om, hvad man bør huske i forbindelse med valg af børnebriller, kan du læse mere på siden ’Valg af briller til børn’.

Recommendations for opticians in your country

Do you have a good recommendation for an optician who specialises in children’s glasses?  Then feel free to send us an e-mail, so we can share it for the benefit of others.
If you are looking for more information about what you should remember when choosing a pair of glasses for children, you can view the page: ‘Choosing glasses for children’. 
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