Dancing Eyes

En pige med skelen og flakkende øjne.
Alma’s bad eye has a tendency to look down towards her nose when she is tired or has to look into the distance. Occasionally, her eye will also make small tremors. 
In the last few days, however, both of her eyes have behaved differently than usual. At times, her bad eye has been moving towards her nose – i.e., the opposite direction than usual. And the healthy eye has tended to flicker. It has been moving around rather uncontrollably. I ended up contacting the Kennedy Centre about my concern, because our approach to vision training has always been that the therapy treatments should not be at the expense of the good eye. We would rather have Alma see 100% in one eye than have two eyes that both see poorly.
We got an emergency appointment for her today. As always, Alma dealt with the check-up perfectly. This time it was more comprehensive, since she had to have pictures taken of herself.
Her vision was assessed as being slightly lower in both eyes compared with at the previous check-up, which was argued to be due to a lack of concentration. We had not had time to practise the symbols with her beforehand, since the appointment was at very short notice. 
Based on what we had experienced with her right eye, we agreed to do eye patch training slightly less often each week, giving her a day off once a week. That way, the eyes get more time to practise seeing together. So, all in all, good news.
Alma left the appointment with a bouncy ball and a yoyo and a thoroughly good experience. It was so nice to know that, even with a very busy schedule, they managed to make time for us. 🙂
En pige med skelen.

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